Appeal to prospective applicants to be more careful and alert to fraudulent acts in the name of PT Hino Finance Indonesia. more

HFI exist in Surabaya

HFI is now exist in Surabaya.

To increase our service to our valued customer and dealer, HFI is now opening our branch in Surabaya on January 2016. more

Simple to Process

Funding with PT Hino Finance Indonesia very easy. Trust in us and forget about the difficulty of having a large vehicle.


As part of Hino Motors Ltd with their 80 years of experience make us confident in maintaining reliable service.

Best Services

PT Hino Finance Indonesia will provide the best service suitable with your business needs.

Our Commitment

As a finance company, PT Hino Finance Indonesia is commited to strives and give our best to make our customers dreams come true. Our commitment set out in the three main principles of PT Hino Finance Indonesia in running our business which are Simple Process, Reliable and Best Services

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Calculate and specify accurately, the approximate calculation of credit installment for lease your Hino vehicle, here.

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PT Hino Finance Indonesia creating payment services on credit Hino vehicle that suitable to your profile.

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PT Hino Finance Indonesia always commit with their customer to give the best service likewise help the customer to claim their insurance.

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PT Hino Finance Indonesia

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