• PDC can be a giro or Cheque,
  • PDC can be submitted to the branch office directly by the customer,
  • PDC can be submitted by the customer throughout the tenor installment submitted at the beginning of the contract or adapted to the situation,
  • PDC can be accepted by all branches of HFI. PDC only in IDR currency. PDC number granted in accordance with the agreed tenor/ and according to the amount of installment,
  • At the time of due date customer, then the HFI will do the clearing / intercity / inkaso corresponding PDC bank,
  • If during the process of clearing / intercity / inkaso occurred bounce / rejected by the bank, it will cause the cost 25.000 IDR. The costs incurred will be borne by customer,
  • HFI will inform the customer about the PDC bounce so that the customer can make installment payments in other ways or submit a new PDC,
  • Update payment / post AR conducted by HFI when clearing / intercity / inkaso successfully performed,

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