NORMAL PREPAYMENT [repayment in accordance with maturity date of contract]
  • Customers who have a contract finished [A / R, Fines and A / R Insurance Premiums, all rights and obligations of the customer has been completed, where if there is a payment to the PDC, bank reconciliation should have been done] apply for submission Book Owner Vehicle to HFI branch office,
  • HFI process release document/ Book Owner Vehicle.*
EARLY TERMINATION [repayment before maturity date of contract]
  • Customer apply for early termination to HFI branch office directly,
  • HFI Admin branch process early termination by performing the calculation of all customer obligations and costs of early termination,
  • Customers make payments in accordance early payment confirmation from the Admin,
  • Finance admission process payments and print receipt form,
  • Admin process release document/ Book Owner Vehicle.**

*Term and Condition apply
**Book Owner Vehicle can be taken at a branch agreements made or another branch if customer confirm to the HFI, at least 7 working days before by email/ fax

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