Hino In The Box is an app made to help
Hino Finance Indonesia Customer in obtaining information
related to Hino Finance Indonesia and its partners which can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store via smartphone

Benefits of Using

Hino in
The Box


Hino In The Box can only be accessed by previously designated users and is equipped with finger ID, PIN, and OTP login features


Hino In The Box can be accessed wherever you are, 24 hours, 7 days a week as long as mobile data is active and available


Hino In The Box provides complete information according to the needs of the Debtor



Promotional information or attractive offers from Hino Finance Indonesia or partners


Complete information about Hino products and Hino Finance Indonesia services


Complete information about Hino Finance Indonesia partners

Activate Hino In The Box


Appoint the Main User using the Appointment Form as well as the completeness of the required documents to be then submitted to the registered branch office.


PT Hino Finance Indonesia verifies and registers in the system.


Main Users download the Hino In The Box application on Google Play or the App Store to activate. The Primary User can also add other Users through the USER MANAGER menu.
After the addition, other users can activate by downloading the Hino In The Box application to then log in first as an activation step.

Download The App Now

Want to download the Form?

All Guidelines and Forms are here.
Please download and send it to us to Register.