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PT Hino Finance Indonesia appeals applicants to be more cautious and alert to fraudulent acts on behalf of PT Hino Finance Indonesia and ask for money as a recruitment requirement or for any other reason related to it.

PT Hino Finance Indonesia never asks anyone either directly or through any party to send any amount of money in any way and for any purposes related to the recruitment process undertaken by PT Hino Finance Indonesia.

PT Hino Finance Indonesia has never asked for original personal documents such as diplomas and transcripts of original value to serve as collateral.

PT Hino Finance Indonesia shall not be liable to the aggrieved parties in connection with any fraud on behalf of PT. Hino Finance Indonesia.

Please be sure to check the recruitment contact is true is the official contact of PT. Hino Finance Indonesia.

If you get a suspicious recruitment invitation please confirm it to the Official Correspondence of PT. Hino Finance Indonesia:

Department HRD

PT Hino Finance Indonesia

Indomobil Tower Lantai 17

Jl. MT Haryono Kav 11 Cawang

Jakarta Timur

Ph : 021. 29827960 ext. 8006

Atau email

Website :

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Appeal to prospective applicants to be more careful and alert to fraudulent acts in the name of PT Hino Finance Indonesia.

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HFI exist in Surabaya

HFI is now exist in Surabaya.

To increase our service to our valued customer and dealer, HFI is now opening our branch in Surabaya on January 2016.

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CSR Activity

PT Hino Finance Indonesia (HFI) together with PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia (IMFI) were conducted CRS activity on Friday, Dec 11th, 2015, located at SMA Negeri 61, Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit, Jakarta TImur.

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