Privacy Policy

  1. Brief Description
    1. PT Hino Finance Indonesia(hereinafter called as “HFI”) is committed to protect and respect your privacy;
    2. This Privacy Policy applies to all individuals and entities who access this Website;
    3. By accessing and/or using services available services in this Website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the terms in this Privacy Policy (including Terms of Use), and each of other documents mentioned above;
    4. Privacy Policy (including our Terms of Use and any other document referred in this Privacy Policy) is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose and/or process Personal Data you have given, and to help you make decision before you give your Personal Data to us. Please read the following subjects meticulously in order to understand our views and practices related to our ways of collecting, processing, using, saving, and disclosing your Personal Data and how we will treat them.
  2. Obtaining and/or Collecting Information
    1. From time to time, HFI can collect information and data about you, including the information and data that are:
      • given by you or anyone you allow
      • related to each of your visits to our Website; and
      • originated from other third party that you allow and available public sources, including institution or rating agency, or other third party including but not limited to third party such as agent, vendor, supplier, and other parties that provide us with services or other partners who work with us. (Hence referred to as “Personal Data”)
    2. Personal Data as mentioned above includes, but not limited to, the following:
      • Family member, friend, beneficiary, lawyer, shareholder, beneficial owner, proxy, people under a trust, trustee, your insurer, other insurance providers and individuals (collectively, each of all the abovementioned is referred to as "Relevant Individual");
      • Any information and data about you and/or Relevant Individual who can identify you or the Relevant Individual, including but not limited to name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, financial information, and other information related to Website user and financing proposal;
      • Any information and data about you and/or Relevant Individual that are generated and/or given to us when accessing our Website. For instance: your registered username for the Website, serch results and history for Products and Services in our Website, history of Product delivery, transaction records for Products and Services provided on our Website, record of participation in each Interactive Service on our Website, and your replies on questions asked for security verification;
      • Any information and data about you and Relevant Individual that are generated and/or given to us in the process of maintaining our relationship with you, including report of account review and correspondence records with you by phone and e-mail;
      • Any information and data about you that are collected in relation to each of your visits to our Website, including:
        1. Technical information, including Internet Protocol (IP) address that is used to connect your personal computer with the Internet, your log-in information, type and version of browser, time zone regulator, type and version of browser plug-in, operation system, and platform;
        2. Information on website visits, including all Uniform Resources Locators (URL) clickstream to, through, and from our Website (including time and date); products that you view and search; website response time, download errors, duration of visit to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, click, and mouse-over), and methods you use to move from pages and any phone number you use to call our customer service phone number; and
        3. Information and data from cookies and other technology used in our Website.
      • Any information and data about you that we collect when you participate in our organized events, such as celebration, seminar, contest program, or awards that contains your picture, video, and voice;
      • Any information and data about you that we receive when you use any other website that we or our affiliation and subsidiary company operate, or other services we provide, or affiliation of our subsidiary company. In such matter, we will inform you and get your approval for collecting information and data about you under Privacy Policy related and contained in other website we operate; and
      • Any information and data about you that we receive from selected third party, in the event of the party is responsible to gain necessary approval from authorities for collecting and disclosing personal data to us and we will process personal data by relying on approval from the third party. In this matter, we will utilize personal data for the purpose of cooperation with the third party.
  3. Use and Disclose of Personal Information and Data
    1. We will protect the confidentiality of your Personal Data. However, when you use our services, you agree that we can process, analyze and/or disclose your Personal Data with objectives that we consider important and related with our business activities, including but not limited to the following subjects:
        • With the objectives of:
          1. Providing you with access and facilitating use of our Website, and making sure that Website Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third-party Content, and Third-party Websites are presented in the most effective way for you and your devices;
          2. Giving you information, Website Content, Products, Services, and Interactive Services that you ask from us and access to Third-party Websites and Third-party Content;
          3. Carrying out our obligation resulted from any contract between you and us, including but not limited to veryfying correctness and/or suitability of necessary data prior to giving services;
          4. Giving you information about other Products and Services we offer that are similar with Products and Services you have bought or asked about;
          5. To give you, or allow selected Third Parties to give information about Products or Services that might be interesting for you. If you have already become a user, we will only contact you by email, text message or phone call to give information about Products and Services that you have previously considered, funded, or utilized. If you are a new customer, and if you are agree to disclose your Personal Data to the selected Third Parties, we (or the selected Third Parties) can contact you by email or text message to give information about Products and Services;
          6. Informing you about changes in the Website, Website Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third-party Content, and Third-party Websites;
          7. Managing our Website for internal operation, including troubleshooting, data analysis, statistical purpose, and survey;
          8. Improving our Website to ensure that Website Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third-party Content, and Third-party Websites are presented to you and your devices in the most effective way;
          9. Applying and reviewing safety and protection measures for our Website in order to keep our Website safe and secure;
          10. Assessing and understanding the effectivity of our and Third-party advertisement on our Website and other Third-party Websites in order to convey relevant advertisement to you;
          11. Making suggestion and recommendation for you and our Website Users about Products, Services, or Third-party Products and Services that might be interesting for you or them;
          12. Making decision related to opening or continuance of User Account(s), procurement or continuance of Product(s) and Pervice(s). Additionally, maintaining the accuracy of “Know Your Customers” principle and conducting examination on anti-money laundering and counter- terrorism financing, credit, and background;
          13. Providing, operating, processing, and managing User Account(s) or managing applications for User Account(s), Product(s), and Service(s), any transaction (including money transfer), and maintaining quality of services and training the staff;
          14. Performing activities related to providing User Account(s), Product(s), and Service(s), including subscription or subscription recommendation about Product(s) or Service(s) (both offered and produced by HFI or others), and providing research report or materials for analysis;
          15. Providing services and supports related to Products, including but not limited to providing management or administrative supports or acting as mediator/nominee/agent in relation to your participation in Product(s);
          16. Providing or giving access to materials related to Products such as proposal document, research report, product profile, fact sheet, term sheet, or other materials related to product;
          17. Complying with legal requirements, regulation, and national and international stipulations that are imposed on HFI based on applicable laws (including anti-money laundering and counter- terrorism financing, and tax obligation imposed on HFI, and disclosure in any stock exchange, court, government authorities, supervising authority, or any other regulator pursuant to relevant guideline, regulation, order, guidance, or demand from those institutions), and complying with any international agreement or applicable agreement between foreign and national governments that are imposed on HFI;
          18. Checking the identity and/or authority of your proxy who contacts HFI or can be contacted by HFI, and carying out or responding to requests, questions, or instructions from proxies who have been verified, or other parties in accordance with our existing safety procedure;
          19. Conducting risk assessment, statistical analysis and plan, trend analysis, including performing data processing, analysis on statistics, credit, risks, and anti-money laundering and counter- terrorism financing, creating and managing credit assessment model, conducting examination and review of credit and other backgrounds, and saving your and your legitimate proxy’s credit history (regardless of whether or not there is any direct relation between the the legitimate proxy and HFI) for today and future reference.
          20. Detecting, preventing, investigating, and charging crime and fraud, including helping any crime investigation by relevant authority against you, Relevant Individual or others;
          21. Performing (including but not limited to, collecting of HFI’s receivables) or defending HFI’s rights resulted from contracts or others;
          22. Performing internal management to operate information control system and management, and conducting internal audit or allowing external audit to perform it;
          23. Enabling legitimate beneficiary or anyone proposed by HFI, or participant or sub-participant of HFI’s rights in relation with you, in order to evaluate the aforementioned transaction to become the object of transfer, participation, or sub-participation;
          24. Complying with contract regulations made by or between autonomous driving industry, industry bodies, industry associations, or other institutions similar with HFI;
          25. Managing HFI’s relationship with you, which may include providing information for you or Relevant Individual about HFI’s Products and Services, in the event of special approval or if permitted by applicable laws in Republic of Indonesia;
          26. In order to market products or financial services or anything related to loan through various ways of communication, including mail, phone, SMS, faximile, email, internet, market research, and designing or filtering similar products or services, including by conducting market research, data analysis, and survey;
          27. Complying with any obligation, requirement, policy, procedure, evaluation, or regulation to share data and information in HFI and other use of data and information in accordance with any HFI’s program aimed at imposing sanctions or preventing or detecting money laundering and counter- terrorism financing, terrorism funding or other illegal activities;
          28. Giving technical aid or efforts to solve technical hindrance and operational problems occurring in application; and
          29. Facilitating business asset transaction (which can be in the form of merger, acquisition, spin-off/separation or sale of assets) that involves HFI and/or HFI’s affiliation.
    2. (Hence referred to as “Objectives of Information Disclosure”)

      • For parties, the following are some subjects to be considered necessarily:
        1. Business partners, suppliers, and subcontractors for implementation of any contract we make with them or you;
        2. Advertisers and advertisement networks that need data in order to choose and provide relevant advertisements for you and others;
        3. Partners and supporting service providers that sustain HFI’s business activities, including channeling cooperation partner, bill service provider, credit insurance provider, payment gateway provider, psychometric analysis system provider, bank, consultant or service provider for assessment of credit and business appropriateness, provider of third-party services that provides administration, postal delivery, telemarketing, direct marketing telecommunication, call center, business process, travel, visa, knowledge management, human resources, data processing, information tecnologi, computer, payment, debt collection practices, credit reference or investigation on other background, or other kind of services from HFI related to HFI’s business operation, law consultant, financial consultant, technical consultan, and tax consultant appointed by HFI to give relevant supporting service;
        4. Analysis provider and search engine provider that help us in increasing and optimalizing our Website;
        5. Any organization or the aforementioned individual, if we or our partner are under obligation to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any lawful obligation, or to implement and apply our Terms of Use and other agreements, or to protect HFI’s rights, assets, or security, our customers, Users, or others. This includes information exchange with other company or organization for the purpose of protection against fraud and credit risk mitigation;
        6. Individual or entity who is a part of HFI, even when it is only required for a certain amount of time to perform a relevant permitted purpose.
        7. Individual or entity or our partner to whom HFI are obligated or required to perform disclosure in accordance with legal process or based on legal requirement, regulation, domestic and foreign court order, or agreement that has been made that is binding or imposed on HFI and any government authority, domestic or foreign, or between two government authorities or more, domestic or foreign, or any disclosure based on and for the purpose of guideline or direction given or issued by law enforcement body, regulator, government body, tax authority, law enforcement institution, or other authorities, or autonomous regulation issued by industry body or association of financial services providers or stock exchange with which HFI is required or expected to comply, or any disclosure according to any contract or other commitment between HFI with legal institution, regulator, government body, tax institution, law enforcement institution, or other possible authorities of both domestic and foreign, including disclosure during trial, tribunal, and/or legal institution, regulator, tax institution, and government body, regardless of whether the legal process, obligation, demand, requirement, agreement, or guideline is still existing or will be made in the future
  4. Administration and Your Personal Data Management
    1. We will perform proper efforts to make sure that your Personal Data is accurate and complete, if your Personal Data is likely to be used by HFI in order to make decision that influence you, or disclosed to other organization. However, it means that you must also inform us about every change in your initial Personal Data. We will not be held responsible in relying on inaccurate and incomplete Personal Data because you do not inform us every change in your initial Personal Data you have already given to us.
    2. We will also make a good and proper security arrangement to ensure that your Personal Data is protected enough and safe. Appropriate security arrangement will be conducted to prevent access, collecting, use, disclose, copying, changing, leak, loss, damage and/or illegal changes against your Personal Data. However, we are not responsible whatsoever regarding any illegal use of your Personal Data by third party that is entirely caused by factors that we cannot control.
    3. We will also perform measures to ensure that your Personal Data under our authority or control is eliminated and/or made anonymous as soon as possible when it is appropriate to assume that (i) the purpose of collecting Personal Data is no longer fulfilled by storing the Personal Data; and (ii) storing is no longer necessary for any legal or business purpose.
    4. If your personal data is to be moved from any country where you access this Website, we will comply with applicable laws in doing it.
  5. The Right to Refuse Use of Personal Data

    In the event of a personal data turns out to belong to a child under 21 years of age, the child’s parents or guardian can ask HFI to delete the Personal Data by sending a request to

  6. Link to Other Websites

    Our Website can, from time to time, contains links to Third-party Websites and websites of our partner’s networks, advertisers, affiliations, or subsidiary companies. If you follow a link to one of those websites, you need to know that the websites may have or may not have their own privacy policy and that we are not responsible or obligated regarding the existence or nonexistence of these policies. Please read such policy before you submit any information including your Personal Data on those websites.

  7. Access to Information
    1. You have the right to ask from us about your Personal Data stored by HFI. If you want to access, update, change, or delete any information you have given us, please contact as at to get assistance. Any request of access can be charged depending on the amount of data you require;
    2. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, HFI can refuse giving access to your Personal Data, but we will give you explanation about the reason(s) that prevent us from doing it based on applicable laws. The extraordinary circumstances happen if, including but not limited to:
      • The authority that conducts investigation or government body is objected against fulfillment of customer’s request by HFI;
      • Information can, within the framework of implementation of authority and/or proper evaluation by HFI, affect the life or safety of an individual; and
      • Data is collected for the purpose of investigation about breach of contract, suspections against fraud and illegal activities
  8. Changes in Our Privacy Policy

    We will post every change in the future regarding this Privacy Policy on this page and, if necessary, inform you by email. Please check this page from time to time for updates or modifications in our Privacy Policy.

  9. Acknowledgment
    1. You acknowledge that if you do not give relevant information or data or withdraw agreement in relation to collecting, use, and/or disclosure of relevant information or data as explained in the Privacy Policy, HFI has the possibility not to open or continue User Account, or make or give or continue any Product and Service, or to continue allowing you to use and access our Website, Website Content, Products, Services, or Interactive Services. HFI will inform you about the consequences of the agreement withdrawal if you inform us about your intention to withdraw your agreement.
    2. You assure HFI that you or your proxy is responsible in providing any related information or data to HFI, or providing any information and data to HFI. You have informed and gained approval from related individual(s) to allow HFI to collect, use, and/or disclose information about relevant individual(s) as explained in this Privacy Policy;
    3. You agree that you have gained approval from each of all Relevant Individual so that each information or data regarding Relevant Individual(s) can be processed, saved, transferred, or disclose within and to any country as HFI considers pursuant to applicable laws for permitted purposes. The data can also be processed, saved, transferred, or disclose in accordance with laws and practices, local rules and regulations (including any demand based on government regulation, action, and command) in the country/jurisdiction; and
    4. Pursuant to the Terms of Use, you agree that HFI can amend and modify the terms in this Privacy Policy from time to time, and that after informing you about the changed Privacy Policy, its content will similarly change, vary, and complete the Terms of Use. Agreements and/or the aforementioned stipulations will take effect starting from an appointed date in the amended Privacy Policy, and without reducing the aforementioned subjects, your access/use or continued access/use of Website, Website Content, Products, Services, and Interactive Services after the amendment must also be considered your acceptance and approval of the subjects.
    5. You acknowledge that you have read and understand this Personal Data rules and agree on collecting, use, processing, and storing of Personal Data as regulated in this Privacy Policy.
  10. Contact

    If you have further questions about this Privacy Policy and the safety of your information and intend to update or delete your data, please contact us by email or phone (021) 2982 7960 (Office Hours).

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