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Funding with PT Hino Finance Indonesia is very easy. Trust us and forget the troubles of owning a Hino vehicle.


As part of Hino Motors Ltd with 80 years of experience. We are confident in maintaining reliable service

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PT Hino Finance Indonesia will provide the best service according to your business needs.

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In carrying out business activities, the Company can provide products and services for investment financing, working capital financing, multipurpose financing, operating leases, and other financing business activities based on approval from the Financial Services Authority. Currently, the Company prioritizes its products and services on investment financing, namely, Finance Leases, Sale and Lease Back, and Working Capital.

Our Commitment

As a finance company, PT Hino Finance Indonesia is committed to striving and giving our best to make our customer’s dreams come true. Our commitment set out in the three main principles of PT Hino Finance Indonesia in running our business which are Simple Process, Reliable, and Best Services

Credit Simulation

Interest rates can be obtained by contacting our branch offices. Interest rates aren't bound and can be changed at any time

Credit simulation user note!

Fill the estimation vehicle price
Estimate a Security deposit and a Fixed Interest Rate per year as a reference calculation
Choose payment scheme: Advance (ADDM) or Arrear (ADDM)
Then fill in the estimation of the payment period